1. Preface
Present situation of generating energy in West European countries is that in short term major part of the power supply are continued to be generated by fossil fuel consuming power plants. Not contributing at all and even worsening the CO2 reduction we all together have agreed for in international agreements. As alternatives for above mentioned are considered nuclear power plants, waste burning power plants and bio mass gas power plants. West European countries getting more and more dependent from countries having huge stocks of mentioned natural sources.

There are some low scale movements in directions of sustainable energy generation.
Main problem with the windmill parks offshore and onshore and solar panel parks is that generated energy has to be stored and power supply of for example energy generated by an offshore windmills can not guarantee a continuous distribution and because of fluctuations can not be connected to central power distribution networks.

With combined use of sustainable energy types like tidal energy, hydro energy, ‘Blue energy’, wind- and solar energy, the particular non regular advantages of each particular way of each type can be strengthened and disadvantages can be reduced.

Parallel to our general ‘energy problem’ we are facing in Holland the higher risk of flooding because of sea level rise due to global warming, climate changes with wet and dry periods because of global warming and reduction of economical grow because of giant traffic problems. Other countries like France facing huge problems because of their nuclear power plant park is getting older, maintenance works were shifted forward in time and the risk of nuclear contamination grows every day.

In this document there is a proposal to catch all the problems mentioned above by applying in steps at different locations along West European North Sea coast, Irish Sea coast and French and English Channel coast a Multifunctional Flood Barrier to be located in coastal waters between 10 and 30 kilometers out of coastal lines. Applying the combinations of sustainable energy in coastal areas worldwide the big threats for mankind of existing fossil fuel consuming power plants, which are too less or even not reducing at all global warming, can be reduced in big steps.

At the moment there are different small test projects with sustainable energy going on at the Dutch ‘Afsluitdijk’ in the Northern part of Holland. These test projects should be combined as pre-stage for proposed Multifunctional Flood Barrier and together with the knowledge and skills of the Dutch ‘Deltawerken’ in Southern part of Holland, will guarantee that application of Multifunctional Flood Barrier will be an answer on giant problems we are facing worldwide because of climate change.

As always with these kinds of things a rough plan has to be laid on the table and than hopefully the high necessary work out is started up. Highly necessary because the giant problems we are facing need to be tackled as soon as possible, otherwise it will be too late!